​Expert Technical Resources
​Serving Mineral Owners and Stakeholders in the
Unconventional Shale and Conventional Gas & Oil Industries

Welcome To Hickman Geological Consulting, LLC

We are dedicated to ensuring you the highest level of technical service.

Specialized in serving the following clients:

  • ​Small to mid-sized domestic oil and gas exploration companies
  • Erosion and Sediment Control Issues for Industry and Residential
  • Landslide Mitigation and Correction Design
  • Foreign national companies investing in domestic US assets
  • Estate Planners for oil and gas valuation of assets throughout the US
  • Mineral Buyers who require focus acquisition maps or general mapping services
  • Lawyers who need oil and gas valuation, due diligence, or expert witness services
  • Investment companies who require technical input and modeling services

​A sampling of our expertise is listed HERE.