Engineering & Operations

HGC's experienced staff can provide transition services to both production and consulting companies during employee absences or team shortfalls.  Our team has the knowledge and experience to oversee tasks to completion during difficult times for our clients.

Examples of Services:

  • Technical staffing support during growth projects
  • Interm C-level executive during transition
  • Expert project data interpretation and report writing
  • Temporary management, reservoir, operations, drilling engineer or geology replacement during leaves of absence

A & D Diligence and Advisement

Let HGC lend our experience to your project.  Our team can provide independent reports, supplement your existing team, or act as your representatives.  

Services include:

  • Geologic and/or Reservoir Modeling
  • Well Curve, EUR, and Cost Input Creation & Verification
  • Economic Model Creation
  • Data Room Generation & Review
  • Well, Pipeline, & Facilities Mechanical Review
  • Environment and Sediment Control Field Review

Valuation of Oil & Gas Assets

HGC provides expert reports and testimony on the value of oil and gas rights and royalties in cases of tax, estate planning, divorce, real estate transactions, and litigation.  

Mineral Buying Advisement 

HGC is the technical backbone of successful mineral buying companies.  We direct buy areas, provide expected profit statements, and provide the technical data necessary to educate investors.

Areas of Expertise

Oil and Gas Exploration

Hickman Geological specializes in translating the best engineering and geological practices learned from years of operations and exploration in the Marcellus, Utica, and New Albany Shale as well as numerous conventional reservoirs to ensure that your project's target ROI is achieved.  In particular, we have extensive experience in providing solid guidance for start-up companies and communicating complex geologic and engineering concepts to non-technical management and financial backers.   ​​​

Let HGC be your partner

Professional Geologist

Mr. Hickman is a registered Professional Geologist in the state of Pennsylvania.  HGC is sub-contracted for these services by small to mid-sized engineering and environmental firms to lend our expertise in these matters to their projects.

Areas of Expertise Include:

  • Soil Physics and Mapping for Construction
  • Expert Witness for Erosion, Sediment, & Landslide Issues
  • Writing Geologic Investigation Reports
  • Hydrological Investigations
  • Field Oversight of Geologic Operations