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Decline Curve Development


Pricing Options

An Integrated Approach...

A Decline Curve is critical to forecasting a projects return and the value of a project.  Our objective is to generate a production stream that is as close to reality as possible without being overly conservative or optimistic.  

Hickman Geological leans on over a decade of exploration experience,  daily experience valuing actual royalty streams, and all applicable public information to provide your company with the best estimate of production possible.

An Organized Approach...

In order to offer project specific decline curves, Hickman Geological Consulting, LLC provides decline curves by county, shale and gas maturity.  For example, Greene County, PA has dry gas Utica Shale, wet and dry gas Marcellus Shale and wet and dry gas Burkett Shale for a total of five separate decline curves.

Due to our firms size and specific focus on quality at a low cost, costs for this service are well below the rates charged by larger multi-service companies.